Designing to improve the human experience

A Bay Area native, I studied for a degree in Psychology (B.S.) before deciding upon my current major, Design: Visual Communications (B.S.) at San Francisco State University. As I entered the world of design, I began to notice our current design ethics are grounded in "user-centered" designs rather than "human-centered" designs.

I took the foundation I had in psychology and began to apply it to my research and design process. Ultimately, my goal is to humanize and evolve the visual language of the products we use every day.

A few of my favorite things

I hike regularly in the redwoods, roller-skate around my neighborhood, snowboard occasionally, and am obsessed with food and wine pairings. Food is a daily ritual we often take for granted. I believe every meal is an experience. It is an opportunity to ground yourself in the present moment through all five senses. This is why I love to cook and explore food & beverages with my friends and family.

More than anything, I love coffee. Coffee is a part of my daily ritual and a family tradition after every meal. I order green coffee beans from countries all over the world and take the time to roast them myself.

I also enjoy readings such as The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli, as well as Minds, Brains, Computers: An Historical Introduction to the Foundations of Cognitive Science by Robert Harnish.